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Fee Structure

The students who have secured D+ and above marks in SLC will be eligible for entrance exam in class 11 ( Humanities, Education and Commerce) and all those who pass the entrance exam will be admitted. The students who have passed I.A. or +2 (Science, Mgmt, Humanities and Education) respectively they should undergo the entrance examination prior to admission forthe Bachelor’s level in respective faculties.

The students who have passed Bachelor’s level in the respective subject will be eligible for admission in Master’s Degree program (M.A. R.D., Med)

100% scholarship in tuition fee for entrance topper. (for +2 level, Bachelor and Master l


75% scholarship for students securing  A+ in SEE getting  In +2 level admission. Accordingly in Bachelor and master level the same amount of scholarship will be given.

Provision of 8% scholarship facilities is provided to those students who achieve high marks in exam, poor, indigenous Dalit, Janajati,Aadaibasi, Remote area residents  provided  from the campus Annual Budget. The budget fund is formed as a student scholarship fund.

  1. 10% free ship facilities are provided in first year and 15% in tuition fee in second, third and fourth year of the Bachelor’s level. It will be provided on the basis of student’s performance in the internal and final examination to intelligent, genuinely poor and indigenous student. 10% scholarship is also available for calls 12 students on the basis of their performance and the board examinations of previous year, internal exam score and genuinely poor and indigenous background students
  2. .Fee Structure